Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

How could we be happier? This weekend we discovered how much we like playing with the Chuck-It squirrel in our microscopic back yard! It soars, it jiggles, and the hang time is delicious!

Makes us think about getting out onto the big wide beach ... where the serious frisbee is played. And big and wide it was today!

At about 4:15 we headed down to the beach. The light was already failing.

We're having several afternoons in a row with "minus tides," and today's was a -1.7 feet! This is about as low as it goes here. I just paged through the 2007 tide calendar, and I could find maybe 3 days with tides this low or lower. Our tides range from a high of about +7 feet down to the lowest of -1.9 feet. My own personal measurement system is the pier. The number of pairs of pilings whose bases are out of the water tells me how low the tide is. This afternoon the number was between 14 and 15, as many as I've ever counted.

Of course, Daisy says, "Throw the g.d. frisbee!"

It's pretty amazing how much space there is when there's a good low tide, no sun, and a touch of chilliness!

It's getting dark so darn early these approaching- solstice days. We started with a cloudy and fairly gray sky, and by 5:15 PM, we were playing chuck-it in the dark!

A highlight of the weekend was Erin's Sunday afternoon piano recital at Greene Music recital room. She played three pieces with great verve and musicality.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Story with a Happy Ending

A terrified young dog in a pound in Missouri, scheduled to be euthanized Monday morning. No good reason. It's just that the pound doesn't do adoptions, doesn't keep strays for more than five days, doesn't make exceptions. Wendy and Connie decide they want to save his life. The first thing they do is give him a name. From now on, he's not a number, he's Jasper, and Wendy posts his plight on the Border Collie Boards.

There's something about his face that speaks to me. Though he's clearly tense and frightened, his face looks too familiar to be passed by. He looks like Daisy.

I contact Wendy and offer to sponsor Jasper. Debbie offers to foster him in the Ruff Mutt Border Collie Rescue, where she can evaluate him and find him a permanent home. Now Jasper is a dog with a future. Connie and Wendy set the wheels into motion. Connie, who is the driving force behind an authorized rescue organization called Southwest Missouri Canines -- SW MO K9s -- tags Jasper as a dog she'll pull from the pound before he can be killed.

Jasper is in Springfield, Missouri, and Debbie and her Ruff Mutts are in Garland, Texas. Wendy creates a chain of connection. Connie will pull Jasper from the pound and take him to the Angel Animal Clinic to be bathed, vetted, vaccinated, and neutered. After this is done, Connie will bring Jasper to Carthage, Missouri, 65 miles away. Wendy will drive the 90 miles from West Fork, Arkansas, to meet her there. Jasper will spend the night with Wendy, and early the next morning he'll be sent with Wendy's friend Mike, who's heading down to a motorcycle swap meet in Sherman, Texas. Debbie will drive 60 miles up from Garland, Texas, to gather Jasper there, and bring him to his new foster home with the Ruff Mutts.

Jasper doesn't know about all these people working on his behalf. He does know that when he's at Wendy's, he is brought out to a sunny lawn, where he is spoken to kindly and stroked gently, and he likes it. (Thanks to Wendy for the next three pictures.)
He's gentle and submissive, and he just can't get enough loving. He meets a neighbor's dog, and his good manners with other dogs start to become evident.
Jasper's just so sweet and friendly, Wendy cries a bit that early morning after Mike picks him up to take him to Texas. Jasper spends the morning at Mike's booth at the swap meet, where he charms everyone who comes by. Mike's comment: "I think I want to keep him!"
Soon, Debbie brings Jasper to his temporary home with the Ruff Mutts. This is an important transition for Jasper -- will he be able to integrate into the pack? A dozen or so dogs is a lot of new dogs for one young pup to meet all at once. But Jasper LOVES all the other dogs. He takes to them all almost instantly. He's playful and well-socialized. The future is looking bright for this sweet little dog, thanks to some amazing people who were willing to put in the hours to save his life. I stand in awe of their work and feel lucky to have had a chance to play a small part in it. Rescuers, you are truly amazing!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fancy-schmancy board in action

Using my birthday present Scrabble Board at Scrabble Club tonight. Didn't help me win, though. Could I get my money back?
Lost in thought, deep in the subterranean bowels of the Scripps Green Hospital, downwind from the luscious aromas of hospital cafeteria steamtable food, ripened and aged through a three-hour dinner service. Mmmm! Kinda like hotdogs at a baseball game.Thinking just too hard!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Oh yeah, here's the "before" picture!

The car Vivian lived out of this summer up in Montana where she was a river rafting guide. Notice the squashed top!