Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More September Stockwork

It's hot, but the foxtails are old and soft, and we're loving getting out to Valley Center. Anna is raising a new puppy, Dot, and it's fun to watch her grow. Juno is hot to trot, for sure.
Juno's learning a lot these days.
A particularly nice side benefit is picking cherry tomatoes from Anna's garden. They are absolutely delicious! They made for a wonderful dinner of salad and bruschetta with goat cheese.
There are sights, like Anna's neighbor's pumpkin patch, that remind us that summer is over.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Off to Utah for Labor Day Weekend

...which always includes the Soldier Hollow Classic, the most wonderful sheepdog trial! This is the third year I've gone, and I just love it so much! I guess it's a tradition now. Here are slide shows from each day.

Friday's slide show

Saturday's slide show

Sunday's slide show

Monday -- the double lift final

Friday I had the special fun of sitting up at the set-out area with Anna, Connie, Charlie and Dan, who were in charge of setting out the groups of five sheep for each dog's run. From up there, the handler's post looked pretty far away.

The dogs are remarkable. This is Bill Berhow's Pete, who won in 2007.