Thursday, January 31, 2008

Molly Meets the Beeyatch

Is it OK if I ask her to play with me?
Are you sure? She seems to be very attached to this frisbee of hers....
She won't share!
Aw, come on! Play with me!
She just wouldn't play.
I sure wish she would have played with me.
Well, maybe I'll try to play with this bug down here...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Molly Meets the Beach

Molly immediately loved the feel of the sand on her paws. She did a little happy dance, as if to ask, "What is this really cool stuff? Let's play in it!"
She really seemed to enjoy meeting people.
Doesn't she have a pretty little blaze on her forehead!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Welcome aboard, Molly!

Through one of those odd chains of email, I heard from Anna that there was a border collie in the San Diego Central Shelter who needed to be sprung. Pam, a shelter volunteer, sent the following description of her:
"She is not doing well at the shelter and is very frightened in her kennel - this isn't good at all - it means some of them think Molly isn't good enough for adoption. However, the truth is she is just afraid and comes around more and more each day with various volunteers who are working with her. Unfortunately though, Molly needs to get out of the shelter quickly because they wont keep her there if she feels so afraid.

"She is a 10 month old female Border Collie. Shy at first but warms up to people quickly and bonds very quickly with people she gets to know. Knows "sit", "come", knows her name, housebroken, loves to play and run around. Good with other dogs although if a dog barks at her she will bark back."

Well, by today (Tuesday) Molly was here as our first foster dog. She is just as affectionate as can be, and she's quite a pretty dog! Pam's description turned out to be accurate. She could be a mix of border collie and something else. She is going to be adopted out through Southern California Aussie Rescue, and she might even get a chance to be on television. Becky, who runs the San Diego Chapter, is on tv once a week with a rescue dog who needs a home.

Friday, January 4, 2008


The holidays are over and we are tired!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Day, afternoon chill time

We did our Christmas Day stuff on New Year's Day this year, because that's when Lil and Jon were with us. It's all here. The tree, the sunset and palms, the unwrapped gifts and wine strewn about, and the football game on the tube. Gotta love it!