Thursday, December 27, 2007

And yet another....

The magic hour of four o'clock has arrived. At 4:00 PM dogs are allowed on the beach! C'mon, let's go! The tide's low, and everything!
We even have Lillian and Jon to help with frisbee throwing!
Hey, let's not dawdle to look at birds!I mean, there's not much frisbee time left!
Sure those birre pretty, but there isn't much light left after four this time of year. Better not waste it!
Because soon it will be dark!
And the Christmas Tree on the end of the Scripps Pier will glow.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Dinner -- oh, the strangeness!

Dinner was at our house this year.
What a strange conjunction of Germanic kitsch -- the Yule Tree -- and SoCal ambience!!
It just seems strange....
Daisy had her friends here too. It was the very first dinner party that Rocky had been invited to! He provided percussion with that thumping good tail of his. He was happy to be here and just as good as gold.
Sunny was also a very good boy, unless you take points off for each octopus leg amputated...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Another walk on the beach

The tide is low...C'mon already, let's get with the frisbee!
The tidepools make it that much better, especially with friends along.

Kylie the Australian Cattle Dog.
And Bailey, the Kelpie.
Sunset came all too quickly!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Why we love really really low tides...

Last week we had a series of what we call "minus tides." A minus tide is a low tide that reads as a negative number on the tide charts because the water level is below the reference point, the "Mean Lower Low Water." MLLW is defined as the average of the lower low water height of each tidal day observed over the National Tidal Datum Epoch. The previous Epochs were 1960-1978 and 1983-2001, pretty large aggregates of data. Hmm, maybe my "number of Scripps Pier pilings whose bases are exposed" is a simpler measure! At any rate, we were having 14 pairs out of the water, so the tide was about as low as it ever gets here. And the point is ... the frisbee playing is superb!

And best of all, we can look forward to these evening low tides again over the Christmas week!