Thursday, June 17, 2010

New in our driveway...

It's not easy to talk Duncan into buying a new car. It's REALLY not easy! And when Lillian left her Subaru Outback with us while she was in Africa, there really wasn't space for a third car, so it was easy to avoid a purchase. But now she's driven her Outback back out to North Carolina, and sharing a car is not a graceful process for us. But unfortunately, we have fundamentally different car philosophies. Duncan has deeply mourned the departure of his former 1992 Previa, which, with 180,000 miles on its odometer, lives with Vivian. I, on the other hand, wanted a new minivan. I came home on Tuesday to discover this wonderful new Sienna in the driveway!
Juno and Daisy love it!
But wait. Look what was in the street:
A 1996 Previa with only 74,000 miles on it! All Previa afficionados will now be drooling with envy! The Previa was one of Toyota's most beloved vehicles. Score!!

Hmmm, now we need a new house with a bigger driveway....