Wednesday, May 12, 2010

...and new from Tennessee!

Mike (the one with the white and curly hair) will tell you that my friend Tom (with not so much!) is a true dog person....So when Tom heard that his friend's daughter had helped rescue a litter of puppies along with their mom, all abandoned roadside in Tennessee, somehow it seemed natural that a certain little gal might make her way up to Buffalo...
Becky's a sweet and small pup, as the rump of Rami, the golden retriever present for scale, demonstrates. She doesn't have an invisible tail, it just wags fast and furious, and just about all the time. She's quiet but enthusiastic!

Upon seeing her pictures, Duncan says, "She's a dog's dog!"
She knows how to chew a stick and make those wonderfully entertaining, face-curled-up chewy faces!
She is an excellent model for our next yoga book, here demonstrating "Downward Facing Dog."
Jessie and Mike have decided they are happy to have her join the family.
And Rami thinks she's so sweet, we'll have her for dinner, thank you!
Welcome home, Becky!